Program Overview


Residents entering Clean Acres must be clean a minimum of 14 days. We adhere to a rigorous screening and approval process prior to being admitted to our program.



We accept referrals from the following:

  • direct
  • families
  • service providers
  • treatment centers



Sowing Seeds: residents are in the Sowing Seeds program for approximately the first 30 days of their stay at Clean Acres. The purpose is to acclimate the new residents to the rules, policies, and expectations of Clean Acres. During this phase, there is a focus on accountability and purpose.

Seedlings: residents enter this program after they complete the Sowing Seeds program. During this phase, there is more detailed structure. Detailed focus includes readings, essays, IOP, and the 12-step program to build a foundation of recovery.

Reaping Harvest: residents achieve this status when they have completed the Seedlings program. In this phase, individuals are ready to take on a leadership role in the home. Reaping Harvest is a time to give back to those just entering the home and to the community at large. At the same time,  individuals in this phase may be seeking employment or already be employed.