You can find the necessary forms for the recovery houses here.

8 to 48 hour pass contract

Admission Checklist

Authorization for Release of Information

Blood Spill Procedure

Continued Care Agreement

Code of Ethics

Communicable Disease Infection Control Policy

Communicable Disease Policy

Drug Screening Form

Do’s and Don’ts

Emergency Procedures

Good Neighbor Policy

Harassment Policy

House Rules Policies Guidelines

Life Skills

Movie Audio Tape and Book Review

My Personal Inventory

Meeting Accountability Form

Meeting Form

Men’s Payment Agreement

New Resident Checklist

Progress Notes Documentation

Program Guidelines

Policy for Storing and Dispersing Medications

Resident Attendance and Teaching Record

Recovery Housing Resident Contract

Recovery House Application

Resident Interview Information

Resident Grievance Procedure

Self Assessment of Feelings

Self-Assessment of Drinking

Self-Assessment of Sexual Addiction

SS-S-RH Program Guidelines

Seedlings-Reaping Harvest Men’s Program

Seedlings-Reaping Harvest Womens’ Program

Weekly Needs Assessment

Women’s Payment Agreement

Work Policy and Contract